Thursday, June 10, 2010

"So You're Having a Kid Or Something?"'ve just got to love the vernacular of today's college male students.  This is literally how my student addressed my pregnancy as he was leaving the appointment today.  Nice, huh?  Oh well--I'm just thrilled that I'm big enough to be recognizable pregnant--especially by such a well spoken young man.

But the notice and comments didn't end there.  I helped present to the parents at our college orientation earlier this week and had a handful of parents comment on my belly.  Their comments were more appropriately along the lines of "when are you due?" or simply "are you expecting?" (although one woman told me that I was too small to be due in September...don't quite know how I feel about that).

I like being noticed...and I like being pregnant.  Scratch that--I love being pregnant (okay...I guess I also love being noticed too).  We worked hard to get here, and I want to cherish this experience.  And yet, I still find myself being resistant to talking too openly about my pregnancy (aside from this blog, of course).  It does get easier as every week passes, but I still find that I guard my emotions and keep so many of these miraculous experiences to myself.  I don't act this way in an intentional way to be distant--rather, sometimes I just can't bring myself to publicly share something which is just so precious to me.

Yesterday's blessing was a colleague who offered me some lightly-used hand-me-down baby items.  Being the thrifty shopper that I am, I jumped at the chance and told her I would love to take any unwanted items off of her hands.  I really admire and look up to this colleague, and I'm equally blessed to have her in our office.


  1. I would LOVE to see a picture of your beautiful belly!! I have been told I'm too small or there's no way I'm as far along as I say for months now. But as long as the Dr tells me baby girl is on track, I just soak it up as a compliment :).

  2. I'm sure as each comment comes along you'll open up more and more. How exciting! Thats great you got some gently used items. I told my sister to keep all her stuff so I can have it if IVF works!!

  3. I'm coming to realize that, just like everyone handles infertility differently... people who have faced fertility challenges also face pregnancy differently. When it's right to make announcements, you'll know it and feel comfortable. Getting outted on facebook and making our annoucement a little earlier than expected felt a little uncomfortable... but now with people knowing, I appreciate the extra love and support.

    But trust me, folks can definitely tell you have a beautiful little preggo belly! Even if they don't say anything :-)


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