Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Prayers for Janet

I've never "met" her (at least not "in real life"), but yet I feel that she understands me and can relate to me so much better than some of my "in real life" friends (no offense to those friends--I need and appreciate them too).  Janet, at Trust in God, needs our prayers...like, now!

In her own words:

Hi Everyone,
Just wanted to keep everyone posted since my dr's visit today. I had an u/s and they found out my cervix is fully opened. The only thing holding it is the stitch which is 1.5 cm + the baby's butt is at the opening of the cervix which funneled. I've been put on bedrest and have a followup visit 1 week from now. I have been dilating but I pray that I won't go into contractions. Today I'm 22 weeks and baby's viability is not til 25 weeks. Meaning the baby won't survive if born before that. I'm obviously stressed out because I can't have this happen again. I lost Jacob at 21 weeks and doctor did say if I didn't have the cerclage stitch I definitely would have delivered by now. But having a stitch at 1.5 cm won't do much but keep the cervix closed. Please continue to pray that my baby will hold on til' its safe to deliver and that I won't have any contractions until baby is ready to be considered safe outside the womb. My 1st milestone will be 25 weeks and 2nd will be past 30. Sorry if this does not make sense. My mind is a bit in shock from hearing the news. My husband is very upset and so am I. I continue to rest my faith in God and trust He will save this baby to full term. Thank you for your prayers.

Since then, Janet has shared that she has been directed to go to the hospital to be monitored.  She has indicated that she may not be able to write much, but when she does, you can follow her story here.

Please keep Janet and her baby girl in your prayers.  Just last night, I was praying for a very "boring" next sixteen weeks for myself--meaning that I asked God to help our baby girl stay safely locked away in my uterus without any sort of complications.  As I was doing so, Janet came to mind, and I extended my boring pregnancy prayers to her as well.  After her update this morning, I continue to pray that God keep Janet and her baby girl safe, and that He bring her and her husband peace in this scary time.  I truly believe in the power of prayer, so please spread the word.

As for us, my blessing today was receiving our very first baby gift.  I came home to discover a package on the porch from my dear friend and former colleague who is in Scotland (you may remember that my husband was going to take me to Scotland to visit them as my Christmas gift...but then I found out that I was pregnant).  This friend is such a great listener and really makes an effort to understand me and my experience.  We would often meet for tea or lunch, and I have really missed that sort of quality time with her.  I hadn't even told her that we had (just barely) started our registry...and yet she totally surprised me with a gift from overseas.  I'm so blessed to have her in my life (even though she is in Scotland this year), and I will always cherish her gift as the very first baby gift that I have ever received.


  1. Wow, that is so scary. Sending prayers for Janet.... and thinking 30+ in my head.

  2. Praying for you friend. How scary.

    So exciting you got your first gift today. What a sweet friend.

  3. Sending many prayers for you friend Janet.

  4. Prayers. I can't imagine the fear and devastation. Praying for wisdom for the doctors, physical strength for the baby and mother and peace for the whole family. Tear.

  5. I can't stop thinking about her!!! Praying non stop!

  6. Prayers for Janet. I cannot imagine how scared she is.


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