Monday, June 14, 2010

Outed on Facebook (and Specific Prayers for Janet)

A couple of months ago, I shared that I hadn't intended to share my pregnancy on facebook.  And so far, I've been able to avoid the who sharing-my-pregnancy-in-such-a-public-manner...until now.

Like I mentioned a few days ago, my husband is out of town for two weeks for his Army Reserve duties.  He's at a class on a base where some of his friends are now stationed, and he's really enjoyed catching up with them.  These are officers that I knew and enjoyed while they were stationed here in Arizona, so I guess that it's normal for him to share what's going on in our lives...namely, this pregnancy.  Sure enough, one of his former female colleagues left a very excited post on my profile today to congratulate us.  It is a very sweet gesture, and it wouldn't even faze most pregnant women...but I'm not most pregnant women.

I don't know if anyone will even notice her post.  I knew her through my husband, so we have very few mutual friends who would see the comment in their news feed.  I even admit that my first thought when I saw the email notification was to delete the comment from my wall...but that didn't feel right either.  So it's there, and I'm outed.  I don't know how I'll address it yet.  I feel like I need to acknowledge it somehow--not just her posting, but the pregnancy as well.  I'm considering writing a note (as opposed to a status update) so that I can explain myself or something...  Perhaps I'll do so when I reach the third trimester...or maybe 30 weeks...or maybe as we're headed to the hospital...or maybe once we're home safe and sound with our baby girl.  I haven't quite figured it out yet...but like every other step in this pregnancy--I'll get there someday.

As for Janet, I have the following update from her (she shared that they have chosen to name their baby girl "Madison"):

I ask you to pray with me in the next 8 days (which is my 1st milestone) because it's a matter of life and death for this baby.  Madison is currently 1 lb + 3 oz. She's a little on the smaller size so I'm praying she will be matured by the time she is ready for birth.

So what I'm really praying for is the following:
1-No contractions or dilation!
2-Keep my cervix closed and tight. Praying the stitch won't break.
3-Praying for a healthy baby girl! Specifically Madison.
4-Pray that the steroids will work to mature her lungs and no bleeding in the brain so that she will be able to survive outside the womb.
5-That I will rest my fears in this most stressful time and think of only happy thoughts.
6- That I won't lose my faith in God. Because God knows--this is a true test!
7- Pray for my husband and family because I know they are worried about me but I want them to be strong, so I can be too!

Since she is on strict bedrest at the hospital so that she can be monitored, she doesn't anticipate that she will be able to blog much, but she has shared that it's okay for me to post updates for her here.  Please feel free to spread her story to other "prayer warriors" out there.

Today's blessing was the chance to talk to both of my brothers on the way home from work.  I really enjoy them both so much, and I look forward to seeing them in late-July.


  1. I'm sorry you have been outed on FB and I'm sure you will come up with a perfectly good response when you are prepared. Also, I am so very grateful for your updates on Janet (& Madison). I think of them often and pray that God answers our prayers for them.

  2. I know the feeling of being outed on fb. I posted some recent pics of my work trip to Vancouver as well as casual pics with friends, not thinking that you can visibly see my bump now - so sure enough, ppl starting commenting and congratulating on the wall. I just politely said thanks! and left it as that but it did feel strange being 'outted'. I know whatever you feel comfortable with in your response will be on your own terms and your own time - don't feel like you 'owe' it to anyone in FB land - I figure - the people I love and care about the most already know - and eventually word does get around and there is nothing really we can do except start to accept that this is going to really happen. Thank you for posting an update from Janet - I can't stop thinking about her and now that I know specifically what to pray for, I will focus on that! I keep thinking back to Erica from With Faith and her baby boy's heart condition - and when he was born he was perfect and healthy, which baffled the doctors. Miracles do happen - please tell her that we will be her prayer warriors!


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