Thursday, June 17, 2010


I've known since Sunday...but my parents just found out today.  And since my parents read my blog, I wasn't about to leak the secret that my brother and sister-in-law just found out that they are pregnant! 

I'm thrilled for them (and I'm honored that she called me that day to share).  I liked my sister-in-law from the moment I met her, but we have gotten so much closer in the time since we both experienced loss (she lost her son at 30 weeks in September 2008, a week before my first loss).  She has been so incredibly supportive of me through my journey, and while we sometimes experience things a bit differently, she totally gets me and respects my decisions.

In chatting with her over the last few days, it's so weird how each doctor's office approaches pregnancy different.  I thought it was pretty standard that you take a hpt...get a positive...get your first beta...wait 48 hours...get your second beta...pray that it doubles...schedule an ultrasound...wait...pray that there is a heartbeat...react accordingly.  Sounds pretty standard, right?  But perhaps I'm coming at this from a history of early losses...because her doctor only had her come in for a urine the confirmation...and scheduled an ultrasound for July 8th.  No betas, no nothing!  Just three+ weeks of waiting and wondering.  She seems to be handling it pretty well.  She has shared with me that after her late loss, she's more concerned about the end of the pregnancy than the beginning...which is understandable.

But I'm still concerned for her--not because there is any particular reason to worry--but simply that I find myself worrying about anyone's early pregnancy.  I'm just acutely aware of the fragility of life--so I pray that her hcg levels do indeed double--even if she doesn't have any way to confirm.  I pray that her baby's heart beat properly--and that she have a beautiful experience on July 8th.  I pray that we both have happy and healthy babies--and that they become happy and healthy cousins.  Please join me and lift my brother and sister-in-law and their new baby up in your prayers.

Aside from rejoicing over my brother and sister-in-law's pregnancy, today's blessing was hearing from Janet, and learning that "no news is good news".  Madison is still inside her uterus...and really needs to stay put for at least a few more days (but preferably for a few more weeks...or ideally a few more months!).  She had a couple of scary moments--both of which were quickly addressed--but she finds that nights seem to be the scariest times, so you can add "peace and rest at night" to her list of specific prayer requests.  It's a blessing to know that there are so many of you out there who are praying for Janet and Madison through this experience.

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  1. How wonderful to share pregnancy with your SIL! Praying everything goes well.


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