Saturday, June 26, 2010

Prayers and Praise From Janet

Yesterday evening, I got the following prayer request from Janet:

"Hi Everyone,

I will make this short because I'm in a lot of pain. It's been almost 1 week from my last update. As you all know I'm praying to reach my next milestone: 28 weeks. I'm 24 wks and 4 days.

I've been cramping and contracting everyday now and now it's unbearable. Today's ultrasound will be my last. It will be too dangerous and risky to do another one. I had feared the worst and know I am down to practically no cervix and 1 cm dilated (the doctor can fit 1 finger in my cervix). But my stitch is still closed. When I gave birth to Jacob I was 3 cm and I gave birth in less than 10 minutes.

So there's nothing stopping Madison from going through my cervix other than a tiny stitch. Which I know wants to give because I feel stinging pain down there. Madison is head down and in the u/s I can see why I'm in pain. She keeps pushing down. I saw air bubbles in my cervix everytime she pushed. Scary!

Seeing how fast within each week my cervix deteriorated and is now gone and I'm dilated. I'm trying to have faith as small as a mustard seed and believe God wants this tiny blessing to be healthy baby. She was 1lb, 3oz last Monday. Now she's measuring 1lb, 7oz. I still pray for 28 weeks even though it seems impossible. But I know God can do the impossible. Please pray along with me and I hope these contractions stop and the dilation will not get bigger or birth is inevitable. I'm looking at all the positive things: She is viable, she received her steroids, she is growing and adding weight, the water has not broke and she can still get her nutrients and oxygen from the placenta so each day counts, she does not have an infection...each day in utero equals 2 days out of NICU.

Thank you... I can no longer accept visitors because I'm in a lot of pain. I am in laydown mode until I give birth. I pray that each day that goes by, I can open my eyes and thank God for each prayer answered. I never thought it would get more difficult than it already has.

So thank you and continue to pray with me daily!!!

Love and blessings!

This was the first time that Janet sounded "frustrated" to me, and I found myself feeling a bit defeated as well as I headed to bed. I woke up this morning and recognized that I was feeling this way, and prayed that God restore my faith and give us some home. He heard our prayers, and here is the more encouraging update and praise from Janet today:
"So a quick update today...

Despite the fact I have no cervix and I'm already dilated...the pains subsided after cramping 12 hours straight all day yesterday. I had some cramping for 1/2 hour today but it went away.

Thank you...God must have heard your prayers and though I was worried to sleep, I slept well, considering. So after speaking with the drs & nurse, they said the next time I go into contractions, they have to check my cervix to see how much I've dilated...(they prefer to avoid this.). In the event I do, they will give me tocolytics to stop contractions. I hope to avoid contractions because it can cause the cervix to dilate some more...

My nurse told me in the years she has been here...patients who have visitors proved to have done better than those who don't. I told her that I didn't want visitors but she advised against that because if you're alone you tend to have more anxiety.

I rethought that and it does make sense. A social life, whether talking on the phone will help my sanity. I am so thankful for the friends that called and visited already. It has given me strength to make it in the past 2 1/2 weeks I was not going to make it. I know some of you don't know what to say, but if you don't, I ask you to continue to pray...

We definitely have an army of prayer, from Germany to Arizona, from Korea to Ohio, from Canada to Chicago, from NY to CT, from California to Boston, from NJ to Texas...and so more much more...

My parents call me daily morning and day to give me a bible verse and pray. My hubby is here almost every night to sleep by my side. I get encouraging prayer letters and emails daily. From long to short and daily text messages. But they all uplift me and mean soooo much. I thank God for making me strong and giving me hope to hang in there for baby Madison.

I have a baby blanket, though not perfect...I taught myself on youtube. I stopped for a while because I was discouraged. But the social worker came by to give me a pretty pink blanket crocheted and donated to the hospital. I thought I can't give up now on Madison, I came this far... So I picked up my blanket (the project I started at 13 weeks when I was on bedrest after my surgery). The blanket symbolizes hope to continue on and finish the task on which I begun. I remember the Chaplain at Newton Wellsley who said to me...stitch in time. I could not agree more. The Chaplain here who I didn't even call, came on a day where I shed tears...and I shared my prayer of hope that God will provide a ram like He did with Abraham. A great story of faith. So as each passes by...I know God has once again answered and given me hope each day. I intend to finish this crochet blanket because I believe and have faith. And even though the ball of yarn seems like it will take forever (just like the weeks ahead)...I continue to strive for each new day of hope.

Thank you for hearing me faith I believe Madison will be a healthy baby.
Each day, no matter how dim it may be...I count my blessings one by one. I thank God for all of you who are in my life right now. My parents, brother, cousins, aunts, church, friends, pastors, bible study girls, bloggers, strangers, coworkers...thank you. There is so much gratitude in my heart for each and every individual in my life. Words right now are so indescribable--it overwhelms me the love and support I get.

Well, time to's blessing is another day of Madison in my womb and the pains have significantly decreased from yesterday.



Her hope, faith, and trust in God inspire me!  If she hasn't given up hope, then I shouldn't either.  Please continue to pray for her and Madison.

My blessing today is having my husband home.  After two weeks with the Army, and then a week away for work, he's now home...and doesn't have any plans to leave any time soon (other than vacation together next week).


  1. Thanks for the updates on Janet. Will you give her my email address so she can email me too?

    Thanks. Congrats on the hubby being home! That's awesome!

  2. Janet really is just a beacon of what truly trusting in God really means. I was definitely feeling discouraged after her first update and was happy to read the second. Would you be able to send me her e-mail so that I may write her? You can e-mail it to me @ Thank you so much for being a link between her and us bloggers. It is greatly appreciated.

  3. Praying for Janet as well. How scary, but it sounds like she's trying to give the situation to God.

    Glad the hubby is home!!

  4. Thanks for the continued updates on Janet. She has a strong faith and that is bringing her far. I'm saying my own prayers for Janet as well.

    Glad you hubby is home and you have some time to spend with him! It definitely is a blessing!


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